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Good manners training
Sit - Lure your dog into a sit by moving a treat slowly from his nose over his head, his bottom will naturally move down - the second it hits the floor C/T. 
Down - Hold a treat in your hand and lure from his nose down his chest and inbetween his front paws.  It takes some dogs a little while to realise what you want but just be patient and as soon as he goes to put his body on the floor C/T.
Dont snatch - I get asked how to stop dogs from snatching from hands alot, its really not that hard.
Show your dog a treat and hold it in your enclosed fist, let your dog sniff/nibble/paw at your hand and just ignore him.  After a while your dog will sit back to try and figure out what you want from him C/T as he takes his nose away from your hand.  This is a really good one to teach your puppy early on.
Cute tricks - Beginners 
Touch - i always teach dogs this trick first as its so simple and fun.
Rub something smelly on your hand (cheese, peanut butter, smelly treats), put your hand out for your dog to sniff, C/T as his nose touches your hand.  Remove your hand and throw him a treat.  Repeat 10 times then start to add your cue word. 
* Be quick!  If you click as he licks thats what hes going to learn to do.
Kiss - A really cute trick.  As above only you do C/T as he licks.  It takes some dogs a while to differentiate between the two tricks so make sure they know Touch solidly before trying Kiss.